Single Class

1 strippen • Duur van 1 MAAND

You can buy one class without any contract or hidden cost. Just pay and select your training

€ 15,00


Unlimited Small Group

onbeperkt x per week • Duur van 1 MAAND • Met automatisch verlengen

Thank you for your purchase for the Unlimited Small Group monthly membership. We hope to see you soon during one of our Small Group classes.

€ 55,00 per maand

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10 x Personal Training Card

10 strippen • Duur van 6 MAANDEN

If you need a short term personal training to get your training boost, then this 10 x Personal Training Card is a perfect option.

€ 480,00


10 x Small Group Card

10 strippen • Duur van 3 MAANDEN

This 10 x Small Group card is a good option when you don't have a steady week structure. Or maybe a membership is just not your thing.

€ 125,00


30 min. Personal Pads Training

10 strippen • Duur van 4 MAANDEN

Do you want a quick training on the pads combined with some strength exercises. Or just a short speed workout for 30 min. You can use it before or after trainings or any other timeslot which is available to our trainers

€ 280,00


Kids 8-12 yrs membership

2 x per week • Duur van 6 MAANDEN • Met automatisch verlengen

This membership is for the age 8 - 12 yrs old. This membership can only be purchased by an adult.

€ 40,00 per maand

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Muay Thai Experience Training non- or cardmembers

3 strippen • Duur van 3 WEKEN

Our Muay Thai Camp experience is getting near. Our fighter Maktoub is getting ready for his first Muay Thai fight and we have a group of participants that will join us on this active holiday. But for those who want to experience a real Muay Thai training. We offer 3 Fridays of intensive duration training as done in Thailand. It will be the last 3 Fridays before we departure to Bangkok. Friday 1, 8 and 15 November 17:00-20:00 We start our training with 5-8 Km running on a steady pace. No competition, just as a group to strengthen our legs and joints. After that we will train on the bag and on the pads. We will close with a Technique training and some extra time for those who want to spar. For our members it is only €30 for 3 Fridays! And for non- members we ask €50. Let us know if you like to join and sign up on our website

€ 50,00


Single 30 min. PT

1 strippen • Duur van 1 MAAND

€ 30,00