Kompassie Yoga

Zen Movie Night nr 3

Welcome to our Zen Movie Nights at: Kompassieyoga Studio. You can walk in from 19:30! - At Saturday Evening 16 Nov 2019 : 20 o'clock movie starts - Enjoyable 'food for the soul' ! With a cool non-profit zen-movie. It is always a surprise. But we choose among themes of art, spirituality, yoga, soul-search, sustainability, philosophy. science between heaven & earth, and so on

Let us enjoy this amazing get together, feeding our soul. Re-connect evenings in our lovely yoga-studio!

- Our doors open at 19:30 - Only 8eu each (non profit) SUBSCRIBE: info@kompassieyoga.nl

- We have transformed the whole studio to a Movie Theater.. With great hangouts.

- Welcome and relax on our pillows, mats or even in or even in a hammock!

Mindfulness, spirituality , art, yoga or even broader: philosophy or sustainability. Together in our beautiful place where there is space to relax, to connect.. Meeting new people as well.

- Enjoy life, connect with like minded people..& feel inspired!

- We provide a unique lounging area at our zen movie nights.. You can either chill out on the ground or in the HANGING hammock area! Which is totally unique: To see the movie from our aerial-yoga hammocks!

- If you want to be sure to have a hammock spot, please subscribe in time by Email: info@kompassieyoga.nl Limited spots available

- Intention: Non profit. Only covering costs & supporting a good cause for mother earth & humanity!

- Hammocks, lounge area & drinks provided!

- Movie: Surprise (something about India and three crazy English guys who like to find the meaning of life..hidden in the story is a deeper spiritual message, but it has a lighter aspect in it as well. So be ready for a smile & a beautiful scenery! )

We are once again: excited & grateful

€ 8,00