Sunshine Yoga

5 private lessons

This is a one/ two or three hour private lesson which will be made-to-measure based on a short chat before you participate. What type of yoga do you feel you need in this time? What moods do you want to cultivate? It's your choice! You can soften and relax in restorative, ground and move in an accessible flow, fire-up and strengthen the core, calm the mind with pranayama and meditation. Endless combinations can be created. Costs: €65.- for a one hour session. It is also possible to extend this lesson: A 2 hour session for €117.50, or 3 hours for €157.50 with a complementary lunch! The lesson will take place at my home studio with garden. And just so you know I live with a dog and 3 cats in case you have allergies. Private lessons have a 24 hour cancellation restriction.

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